What is LEGO® MOC and who are famous MOCers?

What is LEGO® MOC and who are famous MOCers?

MOC is an acronym that stands for My Own Creation, therefore, a LEGO® MOC is a design outside of the official LEGO® collection made of original LEGO® pieces.

Fans of LEGO® who make MOCs are often called MOCers. They create new builds using existing sets (alternative builds), or entirely new designs using unique techniques to express their imagination/creativity.

Some MOCers become so popular among the brick-building community that they turn into professional brick-building artists, some of them working for LEGO® or for other LEGO alternative brands.

Famous MOCers

JK Brickworks CaDA Combination safe

Each MOCer develops their own storytelling and themes. You can find their designs in specialized MOC websites like Rebrickable or their own personal websites. Here is a list of some of the most reputed MOCers from all around the world:

  • Nannan Zhang: Celebrated MOCer who's been around since 2004. Famous for his artistic and detailed creations.
  • ExesandboxTong Xin Jun is a MOCer from Malaysia. He specializes in buildings, such as the incredible Autumm Winery set licensed by Mork.
  • Brick Artisan: Kim Plata is famous for his LEGO towns and MOCs of intricate buildings.
  • JK Brickworks: Jason Allemann and Kristal have inspired thousands of MOCers since 2014. They have two successful LEGO® Ideas projects, and some of their models were displayed in the masterpiece gallery of the LEGO® House. Check out the combination safe that we stock here at Latericius.
  • Eric Trax: Famous for his LEGO® Technic builds, Eric Trax has gained respect from the LEGO® community for his expertise in advanced mechanical functions. Here at Latericius we sell his celebrated Telehandler set.
  • Alice Finch: She is a renowned LEGO® MOCer known for her architectural and large-scale replicas. She's designed many stunning recreations of Harry Potter's buildings.
  • Yellowbox777: Yellowbox77 is an excellent Korean MOCer known for modular-style buildings. Several of their sets have been licensed by Mork, like the stunning Upside Down Cafe.

Some LEGO® MOC designers enter their builds into the new LEGO® Ideas program in the hopes that their designs will become real LEGO® sets. This process is very long and grueling though, so most keep it as a hobby or sell their instructions online.

Many popular MOCers are also approached by LEGO®-compatible brands like CaDA or Mork to license their sets for official release. These sets are then much more affordable than buying all of the individual piece of a MOC separately.

Check out our collection of licensed MOCs here at Latericius to get a taste of what's possible!

How to get started with LEGO® MOCs

Alice Finch Howgarts on the Lake

Hogwarts on the lake. Photo credit: Alice Finch.

If you're interested in making your own LEGO® MOCs, try buying some of the LEGO® Creator 3in1 sets, doing the 3 builds, and then trying creating variations using only the pieces contained in the box. This restriction of pieces is a great way to practice flexibility in design, and you can incorporate techniques from the other builds in your MOC.

Another way is creating replicas of real objects, just like painters, illustrators, and other artists do. These could be buildings, vehicles, plants, characters, or anything else your heart desires.

As every AFOL knows, LEGO® pieces are expensive, so MOCers can save a lot of money with programs like Bricklink Studio. This allows you to build your MOC virtually, then export the part list or even create instruction manuals. It's also completely free, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

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