CaDA vs LEGO®: An in-depth comparison

CaDA vs LEGO®: An in-depth comparison

CaDA might be less than a decade old, but it's made huge strides in becoming one of the best LEGO® alternative brands you can buy in recent years. So how does it stack up against the big L? Find out in our in-depth CaDA vs LEGO® comparison!

CaDA vs LEGO®: Overview

Quality 9/10 10/10
Themes Remote control, vehicles, some buildings and decor All themes for all ages
Price Affordable Expensive
Value/collectability Moderate High
Minifigures No Yes
Aftermarket support Great Excellent
Strong point Motorization options Variety of sets
Weak point Limited catalog Price

Both CaDA and LEGO® make great sets, but there are a few key things that set them apart. Both companies are top-notch when it comes to quality, with most of the difference coming in theme variety and price.

LEGO®, with decades in the industry, has a wide variety of sets for all themes and ages, while CaDA is mostly focused on vehicles. The catalog is slowly expanding, but it will never catch up to LEGO®.

However, CaDA is significantly cheaper than LEGO®, and competes very well when it comes to motorized sets. Check out these affordable remote control sets to see what the company has to offer.

About CaDA

CaDA logo

CaDA Bricks is a brick-building brand from China. Founded in 2016, the company manufactures its own high-quality bricks, stamped with the CaDA logo. It only releases original and licensed sets, making it one of the most legitimate LEGO® alternatives on the market.

Check out our collection of CaDA sets to learn more about the brand.

About LEGO®

Lego Logo

LEGO® needs no introduction, being the market leader in the building block industry. The company is the largest toy manufacturer in the world, with sets for all ages and themes. It was founded in Denmark in 1949, although it now manufactures bricks in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, and China.


CaDA vs LEGO piece quality

Everyone is familiar with the excellent quality of LEGO® pieces and builds, but CaDA brick stacks up very well in this regard. Both standard and technic pieces are nearly indistinguishable from their LEGO® counterparts.

CaDA bricks have the same level of clutch and fit, and even feature the satisfying "snap" while building. Watch the video below to hear this in action.

Instructions and boxing are also excellent, although LEGO® is still the king in this regard. LEGO® has been taking strides to reduce waste with paper bags instead of single use plastic among other environmentally-conscious efforts.

As a sidenote, CaDA does not make minifigures, so you'll have to look to other brands to fill that gap in your collection.

LEGO® takes the win in this category, but just barely. 


CaDA vs LEGO themes

LEGO® has featured tons of themes throughout the years, covering just about any topic you could be interested in. Years ago the company only focused on young builders, but now AFOLs have their pick of the litter with themes like Architecture, Botanical, Icons (formerly Creator), Ideas, Star Wars, and more.

CaDA doesn't have as many years under its belt, so its catalog is much more limited. Specializing in technic-style builds, the company is best known for its car sets. These range from small remote control sets to huge 1:12 race car replicas.

CaDA remote control car

There are also building sets and a few other themes, with most of these falling in the CaDA Master Series. These are licensed sets from MOCers around the globe which are then vetted and modified by CaDA's own designers. 

For a few examples, check out the functional CaDA safe designed by JK Brickworks and the slick classic sports car designed by Markus Schlegel.

However, CaDA does have an edge when it comes to motorized builds. LEGO®'s newer motors are noticeably worse than older sets, and CaDA is pushing forward with heavily motorized sets like the spectacular Telehandler set seen below.

LEGO® also releases car sets, of course, but it hasn't leaned as heavily into licensed sets as companies like CaDA and Cobi.

Even so, LEGO®'s enormous catalog earns it the win once again.

Price and value

CaDA vs LEGO pricing

A common complaint with LEGO® is that it's just too expensive, with prices that typically hover around 10 cents per piece. CaDA is significantly cheaper in this regard, typically costing around 7 cents per piece.

This means that on average you get more building for your buck with CaDA sets, although the company releases far more motorized sets, which bumps up the price on some sets. For example, the Telehandler mentioned above is closer to 15 cents per piece, but it includes five motors and a 2.4GHz controller.

Value is a slightly different story. LEGO® sets are very popular among collectors, and tend to hold their value much better than any other brick building brands. Often, retired sets sell for more than their retail price, even used and without the box. Bricks can also be sold individually online on marketplaces like Bricklink.

Overall, we'll call this one a tie.

CaDA Bricks vs LEGO®: Which is better?

When it comes to CaDA vs LEGO®, both companies have their merits. Neither company is a clear winner, and which one is best will depend on your budget and the specific style of set you're looking to buy.

If you are on a tighter budget or want a complex technic-style build, CaDA is a fantastic choice. It's also great for MOC-style builds, which will be much cheaper and more convenient than buying individual bricks on the second-hand market.

LEGO® is, of course, still the king of bricks, and you can't really go wrong with any LEGO® set or theme. Granted you can afford it in the first place.

Other FAQS

Are CaDA blocks compatible with LEGO®?

Yes, all CaDA sets are fully compatible with LEGO®. This includes both standard blocks and technic pieces. Learn more in our guide to LEGO® compatible brands.

Does CaDA sell licensed sets?

Some CaDA sets are licensed from popular brands like Citroen or Toyota, while others use more generic designs. The company also sells licensed sets for the anime Initial D, and regularly licenses sets from MOCers for its Master Series.

Does CaDA copy LEGO® sets?

No, all CaDA sets are either original or licensed from MOCers around the globe.

How can I design a set for CaDA Bricks?

Unlike LEGO® Ideas, CaDA does not have an official submission process for CaDA Master Series sets. Your best option is to get in touch with the company on social media.

Does CaDA make minifigures?

No, CaDA bricks does not make minifigures. However, CaDA bricks and building sets are compatible with LEGO® minifigures, as well as those made by other brands.

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